About Gotobar

GOTOBAR Co., Ltd., "delivers a sustainable and rich lifestyle through shellfish food culture."
I will tell you about European shellfish food culture. It is not enough to simply grow shellfish sustainably in Europe and import them, but in addition to the actors who support them, we believe that it is necessary to introduce how to enjoy shellfish and convey the story. It's already possible to enjoy oysters from overseas at oyster bars in Japan, but it's hard to find a bucket full of delicious live mussels. If that is the case, I believe that the role of 5108 is to prepare fresh fresh mussels, sake that complements each other, and tools and cutlery for eating shellfish to enjoy them.

“Our role is not to create something from scratch, but to fill in the asymmetry of information. Rather than introducing things that are there and not here, we introduce culture and let it take root. People. However, it is to prepare an environment where you can meet pleasures that you did not know until then and feel happiness.” And we have a vision to introduce this shellfish food culture to Japan, which has a shellfish food culture that has been around since the Jomon period. It has been done. Best regard.

GOTOBAR Co., Ltd. Representative Director Keizo Kawamoto

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